GEM3 UI Genomics Data Grant RFP

Deadline: January 7th, 2022 08:00 PM EST

GEM3 UI Genomics Data Grants


            This funding opportunity is part of the NSF EPSCoR project "Genes by Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping (GEM3)."  GEM3 is focused on understanding adaptive capacity to environmental change, with a focus on aquatic and terrestrial systems across Idaho.  More information on the goals and scope of GEM3 is available here.

            Proposals are invited for GEM3 support to fund the generation of genomics or other nucleotide sequencing-based data.   Projects should contribute to the overall goals of GEM3 and broadly address questions related to adaptive capacity of populations or species in Idaho, although they do not have to target the GEM3 focal taxa, redband trout or big sagebrush.


            This grant is available only within the University of Idaho.  The PI must be clinical, research, or tenure-track faculty at UI, although graduate students or postdocs may be listed as co-PI, and collaboration with other GEM3 institutions is welcome.  We encourage applications from UI faculty who have not previously been associated with GEM3.

Funding Available

            We plan to fund up to 2 awards with a maximum of $8,000 per award.  Allowable costs include fieldwork for sample collection, reagents and supplies for molecular biology labwork, core facility charges, shipping and sequencing costs, and bioinformatics expenses.  Not allowed are costs for large equipment, student tuition/stipend, or salary for postdocs, technicians, or faculty.            

Proposal Format

            The proposal should include a title and name(s) of personnel, a 1-page project description and a brief 1-page budget (direct costs only) with budget  justification.  The project description should address: (i) background on the system and scientific question addressed; (ii) relevance to the GEM3 program; (iii) description of the data to be gathered, including justification for experimental design; (iv) prospects for this dataset to provide preliminary data for future grant proposals and/or lead to future collaborations, particularly with the GEM3 program.


            Proposals should be submitted as a single pdf file **by 5:00pm Pacific on Jan. 7, 2022** using this online submission system only.  Successful applicants will be notified by the end of January 2022.

            All funds awarded must be spent before Sep. 30, 2022.